Who are we?

GISCIA was founded in 2007 by students with a solid and clear objective: to contribute to the country development through research and application of techniques in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Control Systems. Since then, the lab has maintained an active presence in the academy and industry, being awarded and recognized several times for our outstanding contributions in the region and in international conferences.

With each member really pushing the knowledge limits, this is a place where you can develop useful research skills and find the motivation you need to intern in the astonishing world of research. If you are interested in doing research and great projects, contact us!

  • November 2015: Paper presentation at Oil and Gas Horizons Congress, Moscow, Russia. "Decline Curve Analysis: An Outlier Perspective" by Alfredo de la Fuente. Second place at the Automation and Computer Science Section of the Student Paper Contest. Congratulations!
  • August 2015: Poster presentation at MLSS Kyoto 2015. "Labor Market Demand Analysis For Engineering Majors In Peru Using Shallow Parsing And Topic Modeling" by Kevin Bello and Ronald Cardenas.
  • Jul 2015: Paper accepted at the Topic Models Workshop in the 24th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2015). "Labor Market Demand Analysis For Engineering Majors In Peru Using Shallow Parsing And Topic Modeling"
  • Jun 2015: David has been selected as research intern at Duke University under the supervision of Prof. Mazurowski. He will be part of RAI Labs and will be working on application of machine learning and computer vision to current medical problems. Congratulation!
  • Jun 2015: Paper accepted at ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress (IMECE). "Panorama of the market demand for Mechanical Engineers in South American countries".
  • May 2015: Our weekly lectures on Simulation and programming for Autonomous Robots starts on May 18th and will consist of 4 lectures, covering Probabilities for Robotics, Localization and Mapping. Free entrance!
  • October 2014: Kevin is attending the RecSys 2015, an ACM conference on research in recommender systems. Congratulations and enjoy!
  • July 2014: Ronald is attending the LxMLS 2014, a summer school focused on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. Congratulations and enjoy!


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